Here’s to a New Journey…

The skies are split, the sun taken by the peaks before Cape Verjas. What lies between is a vale of green but blue where the rivers cross, draping down from the grey-rock of the mountains north and west as we see.

What light there is comes silver in streaks through the trees as we walk, the forming of the coming dawn shimmering about their hanging branches before us; falling dusts spiral about the ground but the silver their fruits.

We hear the waters both trickle and gush, the sound and the life of the jungle taking us. We pass streams and pools from those rivers overhead as the land climbs, waterfalls, caves, mossy banks and undergrowth a-green, the will of nature seeking to prevail, to entice us with her beauty; but we must not indulge but pursue, we must continue whilst there is still an unknown…

I struggle to express, depict what I see if that struggle is only for these eyes… It is as if the land speaks with the whisper of the wind, cooling our backs as we walk, coursing, sailing to our ears to hum that sweet tune, dropping down through the canopy above to meet this new day and with it the haze of silver-blue light that is to be our guide…

A basin of green and life awaits; a jungle awaits in every sense but one.

Let us embark.


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