ItRH DS Extract

I’ve asked questions my entire life. To this day, I’ll claim that none have answered them with an answer that would perhaps constitute as viable, at least in my eyes. I’m no scientist or philosopher, but I feel that such things are more than apparent in day to day life. The thing is that none seem to much care for such things, such questions. I find that people care primarily about themselves, their stability, their wellbeing and immediate needs, and I’d claim that to be the case right up to the point of starting a family.

I’d claim it to be, in some instances, even the case still then. Though, generally, once, say, a man, has a wife, a child, then he will care for those around him as is what is an instinct almost habitual. To put their needs before his own because he is mature enough to realise that that is the right thing to do. Too, he will perhaps be more inclined, or less hesitant in pushing to further extremities to exercise his protection of the ones that he loves. This is not a criticism as much as an observation. I do not necessarily think that I myself am any different, but it is a concern that lies frontal to any argument of socialistic value. Instinctual behaviours such as protection are embedded within the natures of not just man but many living things.

I find that people are not so much ignorant to the basic realities hidden within our day to day lives as insufficiently informed, to the extent that they will choose to ignore them, and often subconsciously at that. This resulting in those questions, and therefore the level of my concern, dissipating into thin air.

I find that people generally live for the moment.

I find that people generally live for the now.


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